We believe that only by joint effort we can create a low-carbon society.

MIHA BELTRAM Executive Director of Tourism and Mobility Service, Nomago, d. o. o.
ROBERT AGNIČ CEO, Plastika Skaza, d. o. o.
FRANCI PLIBERŠEK Owner nad CEO, Mik, d. o. o.
MATEJA TREVEN Founder nad CEO, Blockhapp, d. o. o.
BART STEGMAN CEO, Plastika Skaza, d. o. o.
LADEJA GODINA KOŠIR, M.S. Founder and Executive Director, Circular Change
VIKTOR KOVAČIČ EU Project and Policy Advisor, SBRA
GREGOR PIPAN Independant Capital Markets Consultant
JAKA REPANŠEK, MBA Founder, RePublis Consulting, d. o. o.
NATAŠA SODJA Head of Strategic Planning, LOTRIČ meroslovje, d. o. o.
DEJAN CEPIČ Head of Energy Solutions, Petrol, d. d.
DAMJAN SEME M.S. Executive Director, C&G, d. o. o., Ljubljana
DRAŠKO VESELINOVIČ Ph.D. President of the Management Board, SBRA
ALEŠ KOŽELJNIK Energy Products Management Director, Petrol, d. d.

"We should be aware that our every step or action has an impact on something else. This also applies to buildings that mostly require artificial lighting for their use or use energy for artificial ventilation systems. It is therefore important that buildings are constructed in such a way that sufficient natural light is provided in them, to prevent overheating in the summer months and allow for the most natural ventilation, etc. We will only be able to achieve low-carbon state when housing comfort is linked to energy efficiency and health, in short, the solution of the challenges of today's society requires an integrated approach."

Katja Ličen Pajenk Marketing Manager, Velux Slovenia d.o.o.
PRIMOŽ JAVORNIK B.S. Procurator, PRIMA IP, d. o. o.
Miha Valentinčič Director of Innovative Business Models and Digitization, Petrol d.d.

"At the BMW Group, we believe that the best way to predict the future is by creating it yourself. By establishing the BMW i sub-brand which joins the electric cars of the BMW brand, already in 2011, we announced the revolution in the mobility of the future. Electric mobility and a carbonless future are key elements of our corporate strategy that continues to consolidate the position and reputation of BMW Group. The strategy for the future is based on the electrification of as many models as possible, in order to be able to offer by 2025 as many as 25 fully electric and hybrid vehicles worldwide."

Uroš Dolenc Manager, BMW i and MINI

"For the transition to a modern energy future, we need 100% renewable energy from water, wind and the sun. We need 100% electric mobility and energy storage. We also need 1000 quick-charging stations for charging electric vehicles. "

Marko Femc Director Plan-net solar d.o.o.

"Petrol has set a sustainable strategy as the cornerstone of its business model. With this, it has become one of the main energy companies in Slovenia and in the countries of SE Europe, which takes an active role in increasing the energy independence, efficiency and share of renewable energy sources. The transition to a circular economy is an opportunity for greater material efficiency and for the opening up of new green jobs. We are committed to reducing the use of primary raw materials, separating waste at the source and generating as clean fractions as possible, increasing material recovery and energy utilization of waste."

Marta Svoljšak Jerman Ph.D. Area Manager Sustainable development, Petrol, d. d.
"The transition to a low-carbon society is associated with rapid changes and challenges in the field of electricity. Therefore, ELES is investing heavily in R&D, and we are now looking for answers to questions about the functioning of the electric power system in the future. However, only adaptation of the electric power system will not suffice. Individuals, as consumers of electricity, will also need to adapt, as our role in the future will be much more active than it is today."
Uroš Podgoršek Market Relations Specialist ELES d.o.o.

"The transition to a low-carbon society is inevitable. There are many unknowns before us, but we do not have the courage to take advantage of those options that are already available to us today. By using advanced technologies that BIM (Building Information Modeling) offers in the design, construction, management and maintenance of buildings, the low carbon company is definitely easier to obtain!"

Jernej in Brigita Gartner Gartner Arhitekti d.o.o.
METOD VIDIC Director, Proinco, d. o. o.
GREGOR KORENČAN ZE Pilot Adriatic, Renault Nissan Slovenija, d. o. o.

"The values of the LAPP international company are family, customer satisfaction, innovation and performance. Our social responsibility is based on the environment and health. We try to ensure that our products are safe and that they do not contain substances that would be hazardous to the environment and humans. In the production cycle, we strive to make economical use of raw materials and energy, and we also use recycled materials, reduce emissions, minimize waste. We use renewable energy sources, we are energy-efficient and energy-independent. We are proud of the green future and as a global company we are working for a low-carbon society."

Simon Vrbnjak Application Engineer, LAPP, d. o. o.
ZDRAVKA ZALAR Director, Smartis, d. o. o.
VOJKO GOLMAJER Director, VELUX Slovenija, d. o. o.

"We are aware of the treasures offered by nature. Thus, in LOTRIČ Meroslovje we use "blue energy" - electricity generated from environmentally friendly, renewable sources. It is produced in hydroelectric power plants of Slovenian rivers, while its production does not use valuable fossil fuels. This is necessary to ensure that the beauty of green Slovenia will also be enjoyed by our descendants. "

Urška Habjan Sales and Marketing Manager, LOTRIČ meroslovje, d. o. o.
"A low-carbon future is something that we in the Termo Shop d. o. o. company are striving for since 2008 when we moved to new business premises. Since we are aware of social responsibility, we have strategically and systematically implemented the measures that have taken us to the target plane - today, as much as 93% of our energy needs are covered by our own renewable energy sources. In order to achieve this, it was necessary to carry out a number of measures, but above all, it was necessary to change the mindset."
Jure Šacer Director, Termo Shop, d. o. o.
ŽELJKO KOVAČEVIČ Executive Director, JUB, d. o. o.

"In the past four years, LOTRIČ Meroslovje has significantly reduced its own energy consumption and, consequently, achieved a lower environmental burden, through innovation. With our services and products, our customers are able to use accurate and reliable measurements to control the basic processes and their impact on the environment."

Marko Lotrič Director, LOTRIČ meroslovje, d. o. o.
"Sustainable development, responsibility to the environment and society are just some of the values that we follow in Termo Shop d.o.o. We are aware that the process of transition to a low-carbon society is time-consuming and demanding. With complete energy renewal and the use of renewable energy sources, this works perfectly for us. Despite the fact that we have already met the set goals, we have no intention of stopping. In the company, we are already planning how to replace existing vehicles with electric ones, and thus take a step further."
Danijel Vuk Assistant Manager, Termo Shop, d. o. o.
IRENA HOŠPEL Product Manager Wall Region Adriatic, Wienerberger Opekarna Ormož, d. o. o.
"At Knauf Insulation, we are working in two ways to obtain low-carbon status. We are developing intense breakthrough innovations in the direction of reducing carbon footprint in production (gas technology has replaced coke, while ECOSE technology replaced phenol formaldehyde raisin) and we use waste energy. In addition, we produce products - insulation - which significantly contribute to the lower pollution of the environment. Well-insulated buildings consume significantly less energy for heating or cooling and produce less pollution. Buildings in Europe consume more than 40% of all energy for their operation, therefore they have exceptional potentials for reducing carbon footprint by means of insulation."
Darko Bevk Commercial Director NB, Knauf Insulation, d. o. o.