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14. Bled Strategic Forum - Climate-neutral smart economy - Greentech

CER participated as an institutional partner this year in the business part of the Bled Strategic Forum. The focus was on finding green solutions for the economy and society, as part of two panels entitled "Climate-neutral smart economy - Greentech" and the launch of green startups green idea ”.

Our aim is to put greenbusiness on the top of Slovene priorities. In the debate experts (3 CER founders) from the sectors with huge transformations energy, construction, manufacturing, mobility, agriculture and political, nongovermental,  educational perspective how to challenge the climatecrisis and how to tackle the challenges that plague modern society.

In establishing a climate-neutral economy (GreenTech), Slovenia could use its natural resources and knowledge and become a pioneer in the field of sustainable development, enabling future generations to live in an environment with the highest level of quality of life and social responsibility. The battle for resources is inevitable, and the only question that arises is whether Slovenia will be able to turn it in its own right.

Center for Energy Efficient solution (CER) and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (PA2F) signed a Memorandum of Understanding during the Bled Strategic Forum in September 2019.

The official signing of the co-operation agreement was held by the Vice President and the CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, H.E. Bernard Fautrier and the CER President Rok Vodnik and
CER Vice President Gregor Benčina  at the Villa Lastovka in Bled, Slovenia.

Dr Martin Porter, Executive Chair, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, United Kingdom

»We are facing two mega friends: #digitalization and #sustainability. Both of them can bring a lot of competitive advantages to countries,  corporations, companies,  family busninessand others.«

- Mr Gregor Benčina, President, Slovenijales Group, Vice president Center of Energy Efficiency Solutions, Initiator of GreenTech Slovenia

"Much more needs to be done and much faster. We are strongly pushed by the young generations. We have to listen what scientists are telling us about the climate change and what politicians transmit in the concrete solutions.”

- H.E. Mr Bernard Fautrier, Vice-president Chief Executive Officer of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Minister Plenipotentiary, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on sustainable development issues, Monaco

»If you come to my house, I decide what you eat- sorry, no democracy. But exactly becuase of that we have very little food waste, we only have a small compost.«

- Ms Ana Roš, CEO Hiša Franko
Best chef in the world by The World's 50 Best Restaurants Academy and director of the House Franko

"Individual and collective responsibility increased. We are all focusing on the climate change, biodiversity, pollution. But these are the results of some drivers. And every time you say driver, we think about human activity.”

Dr Janez Potočnik, Co-Chair UNEnvironment

"What will be the role of system regulators? They will be pushed into the changes, but they need to follow. But will they be slow or faster followers? I must say I believe that the changes will be moving faster and faster.”

- Mr Rok Vodnik, President of the Board CER and board member Petrol d.d.

»We want to achieve zero emissions not only with driving our cars, but also in our factories and live spans of our cars. We want to contribute to the society in harmony with the nature.”

- Mr Tom Fux, CEO Toyota Fleet Mobility Europe

»Green roofs are a big tool for storm-water management, they can reduce the heat, clean air, save energy and are creating new natural habitats.«

- Dr Saša Bavec, Managing Director Systems Division, member of Executive Committee Knauf Insulation Group, Belgium

Pitch your Green Idea!

The panel - presentation of green startups, was organized in partnership with Center of Energy Efficient Solutions, EIT InnoEnergy, and ABC Accelerator.

Green startups are addressing global climate challenges of today and risks of tomorrow. Their innovative solutions have an important environmental impact, social responsibility, and economic value. They are solving different problems and are at the same time direct or indirect reducing emissions, waste, use of natural resources, and are very energy efficient. Green startups are a great example of the transition to a climate-neutral economy, which represents a major opportunity also for the investors. They are attracting venture capitalists and responsible green investors, who have the passion and drive to rise above challenges. They can grow fast while helping to protect the environment and health of humanity.

4 Green startups presented the solutions to potential investors. All of them received the award and free membership for one year in CER.

Jernej Hočevar, Dejan Lešnik, Erik Šifrer, Kamila Kotulska

MEBIUS is a start-up in the hydrogen fuel cell sector, focused on becoming a manufacturer of membrane-electrode assemblies (MEA) for Low-Temp PEM fuel cells, with theis own IP on core components, their goal is to dramatically increase the power density of MEAs compared to current market products.

Jernej Hočevar, is member of the Mebius team since its founding in 2008, and has worked on many facets of a start-up company from a business side, such as: general administration, business communication and representation, pitching, as well as website design and deployment. On the technical side, his knowledge includes catalyst ink formulation, gas-diffusion electrode preparation and manufacture, MEA assembly, and industrial ink-jet printer operation.
is a start-up in the hydrogen fuel cell sector, focused on becoming a manufacturer of membrane-electrode assemblies (MEA) for Low-Temp PEM fuel cells, with theis own IP on core components, their goal is to dramatically increase the power density of MEAs compared to current market products.

Jernej Hočevar, Mebius

GRADIS applies Artificial Intelligence algorithms to design and control street lighting for ESCO / municipalities. We do it better and faster than human. We integrate IoT, smart city, prioritize investments in cities to save investment (>11%) and operational (>81%) costs. Reference: 200.000 light points designed (the most of them already operating in the field). The presentation was held by Kamila Kotulska.

Kamila Kotulska, Gradis

The MIDES design company was established in 2008 with the leading project called the Aero Sail system, rigging for any type and size of sailing and motor yachts for easier and better exploitation of infinite green energy of the WIND. At Mides design, we are dedicated to clean technologies and would like to expand the idea of general use of simple sails as a main propulsion system for all vessels. The Aero sail design model has been registered and protected since 2006 by Mr Erik Šifrer and the Mides design company. As the idea of having universal, smart and automated sails, the project was started as early as 2002. Basically, the company does business in naval design and landbase desing.

Erik Šifrer holds a Master of Arts degree and he is an industrial designer, landscape architect and a creative director with extensive experience in naval design, he is also sailor, constructor, author and also the co-owner of MIDES design.

Erik Šifrer, Mides Design

2GG communication solutions are the gateway between smart meters and energy management software. It was developed to lower the cost of communication is easy to implement and supports many different meter types. This is a complete communication solution for water utilities, district heating providers, electricity suppliers, gas distributors and others that need multi-utility management. DS Meritve developed a range of products, that make this possible, now development is focused on servicing model (SMaaS – Smart Metering as a Service). When offering a service DS Meritve is an integrator and offers financing, integration, and maintenance. This will increase the speed of implementation of smart energy distribution networks and increase their efficiency.

Dejan Lešnik is founder and CEO of the company DS meritve. He is professional in telecommunications engineering. He likes technology and especially technology businesses. In 2019 they won with the system 2GG communication solutions the national comptetition PowerUp! organized by InnoEnergy.

Dejan Lešnik, DS Meritve

Maja Jerala, ABC Accelerator

Ana Struna Bregar, CEO CER

All of the startups received the awards, which were given by Mr. Rok Vodnik, presidnet of the board CER and board memeber in Petrol d.d.