13 - 14  September 2018

Denmark is among the leading countries introducing a transition to a low-carbon economy in 10 sectors:
energy efficiency, heating and cooling, intelligent energy, wind energy, solar and other renewable energies,
bioenergy, water, climate adaptation, resources and the environment and sustainable construction and transport.

We organize a bussines delegation to visit the examples of good practice will be seen in collaboration with the State of Green,
which combines Danish companies and Danish politics.


1 day
13 September 2018 - Thursday

Visit to State of Green

State of Green is a public-private partnership operating the official green brand for Denmark. We work to give an easy gateway for the world to learn about the solutions and competences of Danish business, cities and institutions within energy, climate adaptation and environment.

House of Green is an interactive showroom in the heart of Copenhagen. Guided storytelling and self-exploration is used to showcase Danish integrated solutions and scenarios across the sectors of energy, water, climate, resources and the environment.

EnergyLab Nordhavn

From 2015-2019the projectEnergyLab Nordhavn – New Urban Energy Infrastructureswill develop and demonstrate future energy solutions. The project utilizes Copenhagen’s Nordhavn as a full-scale smart city energy lab and demonstrates how electricity and heating, energy-efficient buildings and electric transport can be integrated into an intelligent, flexible and optimized energy system.

The projectintegrates research, development and demonstration and is a large-scale projectthatcontributes to the grand challengeoftransforming the energy systemto efficientlyintegratea large share of renewable energy, a mean tosupport international and nationalclimategoals.

Center of Energy Efficiency (C2E2) and UN City

Established in September 2013 as a joint activity of the Danish Government, the UN Environment (UNEP) and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency is dedicated to accelerating the uptake of energy efficiency policies and programmes at a global scale. The Copenhagen Centreis institutionally part of theUNEP DTU Partnership– a UNEP collaborating centre operating under a tripartite agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UN Environmentand the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and with over 20 years of leading international research and advisory work on climate, energy and sustainable development.

2 day
14 September 2018 - Friday


Ørestad City is the area in Ørestad which has seen the most new construction since 2001 when the Ferring Tower was completed as the first building. The dominating features in the area include the Field's shopping mall and the Bella Center convention and exhibition center. In 2006, Daniel Libeskind created a master plan for the remaining area of Ørestad City. Since the turn of the millennium, a total of 65 buildings have been built, including more than 3000 flats, 71,400m2 (768,543sqft) for educational use and 65,000m2 (699,654sqft) of retail stores in the whole of Ørestad.

Ørestad is an area which extends more than 5 kilometres from the outskirts of the city centre to the edge of Copenhagen Airport. The district is about 600 metres wide. It has a total area of 310 hectares, equivalent to 3.1 milliom square metres. 3.1 million square metres of floor space can be built in Ørestad. Ørestad is developing rapidly. The infrastructure, architechture and the green areas are developing just as fast as associations are flourishing, new communities are being established and an overall identity is taking shape..

80.000 people will work in Ørestad; 20.000 people will live in Ørestad. Nearly 20,000 people are already studying in Ørestad

Ramboll headquarters in Ørestad

Ramboll is a truly multi-disciplinary engineering, design and consultancy company working across the eightmarkets (Buildings Transport Planning & Urban Design Water Environment & Health Energy Telecom Management Consulting)

The vision for Ramboll’s Head Office was tobecome a holistic and sustainable reference project. Therefore the Head Office project group in close co-operation with Ramboll's most experienced specialist in the field of sustainability implemented as many sustainable solutions in the project as possible.


BLOXHUB is a was founded on June 3, 2016, by Realdania, the City of Copenhagen and the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. It is a non profit member association for companies, research institutions, organizations and municipalities.

BLOXHUB aspires to bridge architecture, design, construction and digitization and to connect companies, researchers and organizations to help create solutions for a good city life and ultimately reach the UN Development Goal 11: to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. By creating an eco-system of stakeholders within urbanization, we provide what we believe is the best conditions for connecting, sharing and scaling businesses that create cities for people.

Designed by world famous architect Rem Koolhaas, BLOX is a new landmark in Copenhagen. We will live here side-by-side with DAC, a restaurant, a fitness centre and rental apartments.

We reserve the right to change the program.



Price for three days business delegation

- for CER members 1290,00 Eur with vat,

- for non CER members 1650,00 Eur with vat


- return flight ticket Ljubljana - Copenhagen

  13 September 2018

  Departure from Ljubljana airport, Slovenia  (Brnik Airport - LJU) 07.05 / Arrival to airport Copenhagen, Denmark (Kastrup Airport - CPH) 08.55


14 September 2018

  Departure from airport Copenhagen, Denmark (Kastrup Airport - CPH) 17.45 / Arrival to airport Ljubljana Jože Pučnik, Slovenia  (Brnik Airport - LJU) 21.50

- one night at a 3 * hotel in a superior single room with breakfast, Grand Hotel

- lunch  (sponsor Velux Slovenija).

- 4.3 % risk of cancellation,

- transport by bus through Denmark,

- all guided tours and

- the organization of the delegation.

The delegation is organized in cooperation with travel agency STAL d.o.o. - STA Travel.

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