"Green Leaders of the Future" is a joint event of CER and KOC INOVATIS in 2019 for leading representatives of companies and the public sector who are aware of the importance and benefits of a green sustainable economy and carbonization of society.

Due to the climate crisis, and major pollution of the environment, we are witnessing dramatic global changes in every single sector of the economy. The pressure from clients, competitors, employees, courts, investors, and society as a whole, for restructuring of politics and the economy, is increasing.

We are facing new disruptive innovations, which are implementing new market and value rules. They are significantly changing the way companies and industries operate, as well as altering the consumer habits. These challenges are putting societal stability at risk but at the same time creating new opportunities.



13.30 - 16.30
Transition to green economy
Ana Struna Bregar, CER Executive Director
Dr. Dean Besednjak, representative of the KOC INOVATIS Competence Center Partner - Kronoterm d.o.o.
Ministry of the Economy representative

Crises are an integral part of life Interview with dr. Tjaso M. Kos, psychologist, doctor of psychotherapy

New sustainable business models
Dr. René Schmidpeter, Professor at Cologne Business School and IEDC - Bled Business School and Secretary General of the WISE Institute

Discussion with closing remarks
Medeja Lončar, Director of Siemens Slovenia d.o.o.
Marko Lukić, Director and Owner of Lumar IG d.o.o.
Dr. René Schmidpeter, Professor at Cologne Business School and IEDC - Bled Business School and Secretary General of the WISE Institute
Dr. Drasko Veselinovic, SBRA Board President - Slovenian Economic and Research Association, Brussels

16.30 - 18.00
New Year's Eve Networking

The event will mostly be in Slovenian. The lecture by Dr. Schmidpeter Renee and Discussion will be in English.
The event will be moderated by Ana Struna Bregar, CER Executive Director.
The workshop and discussion will be led by Mag. Žiga Čebulj, Expert Advisor in Innovation, Digitization and Green Technologies.

We highlight the speakers

Dr. Tjaša M. Kos

is a psychologist with a doctorate in psychotherapy from the Sigmund Freud University of Vienna. At home and abroad, she received her postgraduate education in a variety of psychotherapy approaches. He is currently engaged in psychotherapy and psychological counseling as a freelance mental health professional. It performs both short-term, symptom-oriented treatment, as well as more profound and long-lasting psychotherapeutic processes. It engages with diverse populations - from clinical to those who only need support in adapting to the new conditions in their lives. Her life was marked by blindness at the age of twenty-four.

Dr. René Schmidpeter

is the director of the 'Center for Advanced Sustainability' (CASM), the Secretary General of the World Institute for Sustainability and Ethics in Growing Economies (WISE) and the Managing Director of M3TRlX GmbH. His research and teaching focus primarily on corporate social responsibility topics as an innovative management approach, corporate social responsibility and an international perspective on sustainable management. He also advises organizations and businesses in these areas.

Medeja Lončar

is the director of Siemens Slovenia and Siemens Croatia. Siemens is an international corporation that is aware of sustainable development in the interest of future generations. They are taking important steps towards the goal of becoming a carbon-neutral company by 2030. They focus on four levers - energy efficiency, decentralized energy systems, intelligent e-mobility solutions and green electricity purchasing.

Marko Lukić

je direktor in lastnik družinskega podjetja Lumar IG d.o.o., ustanovljenega leta 1993. Aktivno je prisoten tudi na tujih trgih in sicer v Avstriji, Italiji, Nemčiji in Švici. Trajnostna in okolju prijazna gradnja je v njihovi podzavesti in trajnostni usmeritvi. Ta miselnost se prenaša na njihove zaposlene in vse njihove zasebne in javne stavbe. V trajnostno delovanje usmerjajo celotni razvoj podjetja, kar potrjujejo številne prejete domače in tuje nagrade ter certifikati, med ostalimi za pasivno tehnologijo in prvo Aktivno hišo. Podjetje je vključeno tudi v izobraževalne programe agencije SPIRIT za trajnostno poslovanje podjetij. Odnos to trajnosti pa Marko Lukić črpa tudi iz svoje mladostne kariere vrhunskega alpinista.

Dr. Draško Veselinovič

is the professor of financial economics and Chairman of the Board of the Slovenian Business and Research Association in Brussels, the only Slovenian institution of its kind abroad since the beginning of 2015. In his active and fruitful career, he has held numerous top management positions in various financial institutions . He was the head of the foundation and the first general director of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, he headed the Land Bank of Slovenia, he was chairman of the board of the largest Slovenian international bank, NLB, and he also headed the KD Group. Today, work is focusing, among other things, on sustainable projects and on funding green projects.



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