Green breakfast

Transforming waste to (recycled carbon) fuel

23rd of October 2019
Centre of innovative entrepreneurship (CIP) - NLB, Trg republike 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Slovenia is able to offer to the EU Member States and to rest of the world efficient, environmentally friendly waste management and at the same time fulfil the goals of the renewable energy use.

Let's face this challenge: Slovenia will meet its renewable energy targets through waste transformation.
The renewed EU directives from the "Clean Energy for all Europeans package” make this possible. Can Slovenia implement them first and show them to the world?

Today's legislation on renewable energy use prescribes everything from a range of input materials (=feedstock) to processes and technologies. Are we aware of the obstacles, advantages and limitations that Slovenia has in this area? Are we able to formulate uniform criteria to be fulfilled by technologies without enumerating each of them and yet still be convinced that all environmental, economic and technological goals have been achieved? In what way will continuous improvement be possible and system flexible - without the necessary change of by-laws each time? How to integrate the various aspects into a system of indicators and measures, then taking them into account when promoting investment and adapting the legislation of different sectors? How to design efficient program to accelerate the development and use of new technologies?

The purpose of the event is:
• To link different actors that can have a positive impact on the adoption of such environmental legislation so that the objectives of renewable energy use and waste management can be achieved, at the lowest possible cost, in the most environmentally acceptable and technologically efficient manner.
• To emphasize the determination of legislation, which inadvertently poses obstacles to the implementation of new technologies
• Encourage the emergence of new technologies, their visibility and facilitate their commercialization
• Constructive discussion of the current and target situation and the key factors to successfully bridge the gap between them.

Invited: CER members, executives of energy and waste management companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups, scale-ups, representatives of the academic research sphere, representatives of economic associations, representatives of municipalities - mayors and directors of municipal administrations, interested public, media representatives.
Applications are open until seats are filled.

The transition to carbon neutral society requires cross-sectoral integration at the legislative, corporate and start-up levels. In order to achieve the goals of the EU Energy Climate Strategy, to finalize Slovenia's Energy and Climate Plan, its manifestation in the Climate Path 2050, it will be necessary to further link the starting points, challenges, goals, solutions of various initiatives, working bodies to ensure they are in line with Slovenia's natural and economic assets. Considering the latter is nothing new in the European Union. The climate and energy laws of each Member State aim to consider the specifics of their own country.


8.00 - 8.30

Registration and morning networking

8.30 - 8.40

Introductory remarks

Center of Energy Efficient Solutions (CES)
Ministry of the Infrastructure (MI)
Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

8.40 - 9.30Waste and renewable energy resources: starting points
  • Waste as potential: quantities produced and where they end up?
    Waste balance sheet 2018 (MESP, Directorate for environment) (7 min)
  • Renewable energy resources: where are we and where are we heading?
    Future development of energy balance sheet of Slovenia (MI) (7 min)
  • Environmental legislation: starting points and status of implementation in the field of fuel use (MESP) (7 min)

9.30 - 9.50Green waste to fuel technologies (TBD)

CALL FOR ACTION / Which technologies does Slovenia have? Do you have one?

You are cordially invited to send us your innovative solution.

Of all the proposals we receive we will choose 3 who will present themselves at the event with the 3-minute pitch.

All interested are kindly invited to send us the description of your solutions to the email address: before 7th of October 2019, 10.00 am.

The description should include:
- a brief description of the solution;
- maximum achievement of the solution (efficiency, environmental acceptability, prevalence of use…);
- biggest challenge that you face with proposed solution;
- link to the web page containing more information,
- contact details.

9.50 - 10.30
Workshop: We will meet our renewable energy resources targets also through transforming waste to fuel

10.30 - 11.00Discussion with audience

11.00 - 12.00

Event will be held in Slovene.
Event will be moderated by Ana Struna Bregar, CEO of CES and Suzana Leben, project manager at CES and JEMS d.o.o.


There is no registration fee for attending the event. Registration is obligatory.

In case you will not be able to attend the event, please inform us to the email address
In case of non-participation without prior cancellation we will invoice you 50,00 Eur.

By registering you agree to the general terms of use and purpose of using the information. the event will be filmed and photographed.
We, event partners, will use the information to manage the pool of attendees and to inform on the event related contents.



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