Center for Energy Efficient Solutions - CER is a network of advanced companies and organizations from different sectors,
which play a leading role in promoting and developing climate neutral economy and green technologies
with a focus on increasing energy efficiency, using renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.







05.09.2019   |   
Pitch your Green Idea! - Awards for the startups
03.09.2019   |   
The signing of the agreement
03.09.2019   |   
14. Bled Strategic Forum - Climate-neutral smart economy - Greentech
23.10.2019   |   
Transforming waste to (recycled carbon) fuel
03.09.2019   |   
Business Bled Strategic Forum 2019 - CER panels
08.03.2019   |   
"GreenTech Innovation" Breakfast / March 8th 2019

green solutions
02.04.2019   |   
New website of the concept of integral development of infrastructure for mass charging of e-vehicles E8
17.02.2019   |   
BTC Mission: Green
17.02.2019   |   
E8 - Concept of integral development of infrastructure for mass charging of electric vehicles, ELES d.o.o.


You are invited to join the Center of Energy Efficiency Solutions!

You are invited to join the our networks of advanced companies and organizations from different sectors,
which play a leading role in promoting the sustainable development of society and the green economy,
with an emphasis on increasing energy efficiency,
the use of renewable energy sources and
the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


We believe that only by joint efforts we can create a low-carbon society,
quality & healthy living environment and successful economic growth.

"Petrol has set a sustainable strategy as the cornerstone of its business model. With this, it has become one of the main energy companies in Slovenia and in the countries of SE Europe, which takes an active role in increasing the energy independence, efficiency and share of renewable energy sources. The transition to a circular economy is an opportunity for greater material efficiency and for the opening up of new green jobs. We are committed to reducing the use of primary raw materials, separating waste at the source and generating as clean fractions as possible, increasing material recovery and energy utilization of waste."

Dr. Marta Svoljšak Jerman Area Manager Sustainable development Petrol d.d.
"A low-carbon society is a result of the awareness and effort of every individual and every organization. In BTC, we are responding to environmental challenges by investing in infrastructure, implementing advanced technologies, raising awareness among stakeholders and numerous other measures, for example through efficient water and energy use, the use of renewable energy sources and the promotion of sustainable mobility. This improves the quality of life and contributes to reducing the carbon footprint."
Marko Žehelj Assistant to the Management and Director of the Investment, Maintenance and Energy Sector, BTC, d. d.
"At Knauf Insulation, we are working in two ways to obtain low-carbon status. We are developing intense breakthrough innovations in the direction of reducing carbon footprint in production (gas technology has replaced coke, while ECOSE technology replaced phenol formaldehyde raisin) and we use waste energy. In addition, we produce products - insulation - which significantly contribute to the lower pollution of the environment. Well-insulated buildings consume significantly less energy for heating or cooling and produce less pollution. Buildings in Europe consume more than 40% of all energy for their operation, therefore they have exceptional potentials for reducing carbon footprint by means of insulation."
Darko Bevk Commercial Director at Knauf Insulation d. o. o.
"The transition to a low-carbon society is associated with rapid changes and challenges in the field of electricity. Therefore, ELES is investing heavily in R&D, and we are now looking for answers to questions about the functioning of the electric power system in the future. However, only adaptation of the electric power system will not suffice. Individuals, as consumers of electricity, will also need to adapt, as our role in the future will be much more active than it is today."
Uroš Podgoršek Market Relations Specialist ELES d.o.o.
"Sustainable development, responsibility to the environment and society are just some of the values that we follow in Termo Shop d.o.o. We are aware that the process of transition to a low-carbon society is time-consuming and demanding. With complete energy renewal and the use of renewable energy sources, this works perfectly for us. Despite the fact that we have already met the set goals, we have no intention of stopping. In the company, we are already planning how to replace existing vehicles with electric ones, and thus take a step further."
Danijel Vuk Assistant to the CEO of Termoshop d.o.o. and COO Termo shop d.o.o.

"The transition to a low-carbon society is a long and demanding process. We need to be aware that this is a key step if we want to ensure sustainable development and a better living environment and comfort in the future. The change in our thinking is necessary so that with the tiny steps of individuals we can significantly contribute to the spread of the awareness-raising cycle, and thus systematically and consistently build on the recognition of the importance of a low-carbon society, also by including the education system. When investing and refurbishing, we should always pursue the goals of sustainable solutions for energy supply, where all solutions are implemented that are sensible, environmentally oriented and economically interesting. These solutions are not universal, however, they need to be created according to the wishes and needs of each client."

Boštjan Štruc Head of Energy Solutions for Home and Business Users, Petrol d.d.