Decarbonisation of Cities through Innovative Projects and Partnerships


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Cities, businesses and the civil society are starting to play a more active role in tackling climate change. Through innovative projects and effective collaboration, they are testing new solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change, contributing to the design of new regulations, removing technical barriers, promoting green investments and helping to change habits. The impacts of climate action in cities are multifaceted, span across many areas and have a positive impact on different spheres of life and the environment.

Cities are setting ambitious climate and environmental goals, designing new strategies and planning new investments. Working together with multiple stakeholders from the very beginning makes it easier to understand the challenges urban areas are currently facing and enables various organizations to receive support or funding for climate projects. By getting cities, businesses, and the civil society to converse and plan together early on, goals can be mutualy set, leading to better projects and, ultimately, better mitigation of climate change. By fostering innovation, promoting sustainable practices, and prioritizing different stakeholder engagement, these partnerships, between the public and the private sector, pave the way for a more sustainable future, where cities thrive in harmony with the planet.

According to estimates by Material Economics and followed by the European Commission, only 17% of investments in a carbon-free future will be made directly by cities. The remaining 83% will have to be made directly or indirectly by citizens, businesses and other stakeholders. High levels of community and business support as well as engagement are needed to help the most ambitious cities achieve climate neutrality by 2030 and other European cities by 2050.

The international conference aims to showcase best practices of pilot projects and effective partnerships in different European cities in the fields of emission reduction, renewable energy deployment, waste management, sustainable construction, sustainable mobility, digitisation, green jobs and green investments. By presenting innovative projects and ways of bringing together different stakeholders, we aim to inspire everyone to rethink the role of cities and to recognise the benefits of working together on the path to climate neutrality.

The Green Penguin project is financially supported by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the Slovenian contribution of the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development of the Republic of Slovenia in the amount of EUR 764,281.54. The project aims to provide a solution for smart cities and to support the achievement of carbon neutrality through education and citizen involvement.


09:00 Introductory Welcome

Ana Struna Bregar, CEO, CER
09:05 EU Mission for 100 Climate-neutral and Smart Cities by 2030 (Cities Mission)

Patrick Child, Deputy Director-General in DG ENVI, EU Commission

09:15 Innovative projects for Net Zero Cities – it all Starts with Sustainability Knowledge

Adrijana Andonov, Iskraemeco
   A Smart City solution that Educates and Engages – Green Penguin
Lone Feifer, Velux
   Visionary Living Places – Affordable Decarbonization
09:35 Innovative Partnerships for Net Zero Cities

Erkki Perälä, Demos Helsinki
   Climate governance and projects with new ways of working and partnerships
Aase Højlund Nielsen, BLOXHUB
   Navigating the Complexity of Cities' Decarbonization through Partnerships,
Urban Jeriha, IPoP
   What Kind of Mobility Do We Need to make Cities Climate Neutral?
Boštjan Remic, Focus
   Public/private Partnerships of Community Solar Farms
10:00 Best Practices for City Decarbonization

Tove Lill Karlsen, Climate and Communication Adviser, Environmental Unit, Municipality of Trondheim
Tomaž Lanišek, Development and Smart City Manager, Municipality of Kranj
Vibeke Jensen, Head of employment & Senior Consultant, Municipality of Aarhus
Milan Dinevski, Technical assistant, Municipality of Ljubljana
Julijana Šumić, Project manager of EU Mission: 100 climate neutral and smart cities by 2030, Municipality of Velenje.
Bas Horsting, Senior adviser on Sustainable Urban Development, Municipality of Amsterdam
10:40 Round Table with City Representatives: Accelerating Decarbonization of Slovenian Cities – Challenges and Opportunities

Matjaž Rakovec, Mayor, Municipality of Kranj
Gregor Reichenberg, Vice Mayor, Municipality of Maribor
Peter Geršič, Head of the Development Project Office, Municipality of Novo Mesto
Gašper Jež, Project and Export Financing Expert, SID bank
Tina Kobilšek, Head of Climate Policy Department, Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy
11:20 Q&A


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