16.07.2021    |    Ostalo

CER on the international event Presentation of the Fit for 55 package - perspectives and further steps

As members of European Sustainable Business Network Europe, which operates under the  Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) & CLG Europe, we were participating at the high level webinar on the topic of the package "Fit for 55" and the necessary activities and responsibilities to achieve the goals.

If (when) the temperatures on Earth rises by 1.5 C, it will be very unfriendly for us. The Fit for 55 package supports the EU's emission reduction targets and at the same time opens up many debates in national and international business and decision-makers circles.

The fact is that all sectors will face change. What opportunities and what dangers does the F455 package brings and what will need to be done to achieve the set goals, to which the EU and Slovenia have ambitiously committed?

Intensive discussions will take place over the next six months in order to reach an agreement on measures and to take a more active approach from words to deeds.

We're running out of time. Climate change is affecting the whole world, the whole of society.



'So far we operated in organic growth, now we have to operate much more systemic. Failure will have a huge cost. We have to bring in the transition all parts of the society. The youth will be a huge important part of this transition. ' @Mauro Petriccone, DG CLIMA