16.02.2019    |    Green solutions, mobilnost

Electric cars sharing network

COMPANY: Plan-net solar

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In 2019, the Slovenian network for the sharing of 20-50 electric vehicles will be expanded. Plan-net solar will offer Chinese mini electric cars made by Zhi Dou on the market. First, they will offer the d1 model, the best-selling electric car in China. It is intended for the transport of two persons. With a single charge, it has a range of 100 to 250 kilometers and reaches 85-100 kilometers per hour. Later, models d2 and d3 will also be available.
In Europe, the sharing of e-cars produced by Zhi Dou is available in four Italian cities. The fleet counts more than two thousand vehicles altogether. The cost of driving in Italy is 23 cents per minute irrespective of the number of kilometers traveled. The price of driving in Slovenia will be determined in 2019.


Vehicle sharing is also very suitable for rolling stock of companies. That's why Plan-net solar actively develops business models for vehicle sharing. They will help the interested parties set up their own vehicles sharing networks, and they will also have the opportunity to join others who will organize such a business.


For the successful operation of vehicle sharing, it is crucial that the user has the ability to leave the vehicle anywhere. Therefore, it is imperative to work with municipalities in the development of a strategy for the sharing of electric vehicles.

Plan-net solar offers several options in the setting up of a new network. They are also open for cooperation with new partners. "Anyone who has the right place to charge the vehicle and park it is interested in corporate vehicle sharing can get in touch with us," says the director of Plan-net solar, Marko Femc.

"One shared car replaces about 15 privately-owned vehicles, depending on the city," says the director of Plan-net solar, Marko Femc, thereby stating his foreign experience, and adds: "If you use the second car only for occasional city driving, you almost don't need it anymore in Ljubljana."