16.09.2021    |    Ostalo


Campaign for to decarbonize the economy in Slovenia and achieve the goals of the green deal.

The purpose of RAISING GREEN DEAL AMBITION campaign is to raise awareness on the importance and benefits of the transition towards a climate-neutral economy, build capacities, and encourage stakeholders (Business, Government, Finance) to take more decisive actions. The campaign will focus on goals and activities set in the Green Deal. 

The goals of the campaign are to change business attitude about a climate-neutral economy. To change the perspective that climate-neutral - green transition is not a burden but is mainly an opportunity to gain competitiveness and efficiency. 

The objectives:
1.    To better understand the importance and impact of climate change and the Green Deal on the Slovene economy.
2.    To learn about the business opportunities and threats of the green transition.
3.    To act, to participate in top-down and bottom-up approaches on the transition to a climate-neutral economy. 

It is essential stakeholders understand that we have only 8,5 years to achieve the ambitious goal of lowering emissions by 55% by 2030. A significant milestone on achieving climate neutral EU by 2050. This is going to be tight. We need to act not. 

We need to change Slovene “picket fence” to system thinking. We need better cooperation and more open dialogue between different stakeholders: Business, Research institutions, Universities, Finance, Government (EU, national, local), and NGOs. 

The selected topics for the project:
-    Green Finance & Taxonomy
-    Building & Renovation
-    Sustainable industry

Selected areas are of key importance for Slovenia decarbonisation. New legislation is being adopted in these areas and will also be strengthened by the changes brought by Package 55. These areas are also important for guiding the economy in adopting decarbonisation strategies.