We are accelerating the green transition

We encourage companies to actively mitigate and adapt to climate changes. We spur decision makers in Slovenia to adopt ambitious system measures that will have positive effects on the society and environmental protection.  

A hub of information on legislative changes, tenders, subsidies and current innovations

We are aware that companies find it difficult to follow all the changes and innovations in the field of sustainability. There are numerous changes and innovations happening on the European as well as on the Slovenian level. Therefore, we function as a hub of information on legislative changes, tenders, subsidies, projects and current innovations related to development of a climate-neutral and sustainable economy.

We regularly inform our members through news articles, newsletters, publications, and social networks. Together with experts, we present how regulations will affect the economic development and how companies should prepare for them.


We strive for an honest and comprehensive transition into a sustainable economy

Together with its members, their knowledge and experience, CER seeks to contribute by designing constructive proposals, initiatives, and changes for a faster transition into a climate-neutral economy.

To achieve a faster green transition acceleration, we organize several task groups, where companies of various sectors integrate, exchange knowledge, form initiatives and express their needs to form a stimulative and stable business environment, based on green technologies, innovations, and new business models.

We highlight opportunities for growth and encourage more ambitious climate goalsetting. We take part in public discussions and act as the voice of the economy in strategically important decisions that enable a faster green transition.



construction and
real estate


investments and finances







The task groups meet once every two months or more often, when necessary. Some challenges require different task groups to join forces and address the challenges jointly, tapping into them from different expert angles.


Key areas addressed by task groups:

  • Common challenges of the green transition.
  • Current issues.
  • Intersectoral integration, strengthening alliances and influencing the system changes.
  • Reforming and shaping policies, regulations and financial initiatives.
  • Promotion, introduction and development of new technologies (products and services).
  • Green investment financing.
  • Digitalisation of the green transition.
  • Employees and supplier inclusion.
  • Raising users’ awareness and users’ behaviour.
  • Recognition of good practices and promotion thereof.

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