We are strengthening knowledge 

We share knowledge and good practices in the field of sustainable business and climate action that help you in your business. We are focused on strengthening the green competences of our members.  

Professional events

With our professional events, conferences and trainings, we offer our members a platform for strengthening competences, exchange of knowledge andexperience, and presentation of good practices. We organise numerous events where we host policymakers and representatives of the economy, and together we try to find answers to the challenges brought by the green transition. 



Sustainable Management Conference

We inspire, promote and place at the forefront

With the conference, we would like to promote the ambition of the Slovenian companies to recognise the competitive advantage and green transformation opportunities in sustainable business. At the same time, we would like shine the spotlight on companies that are systematically and structurally introducing sustainable business into their companies. 

The purpose of the conference is to establish an environment for integration of all those responsible for the introduction of sustainable business in companies. We believe that the conference will become an indispensable educational event for anyone who would like to upgrade their knowledge in this field as well as those who have just begun to introduce sustainability in their business.



Green Breakfast

We encourage dialogue, exchange of opinions and the search for solutions

Green Breakfasts are live events where policymakers and representatives of the business community seek answers to questions related to sustainable business, climate action and transition to a climate-neutral economy. We encourage dialogue between the key actors, deal with different opinions and together try to find solutions for a more resilient Slovenian economy, ready for the challenges brought by the green transition. 

Transfer of Knowledge

We present cases of good practices, research and tools

Transfer of Knowledge is an online event, where members share their knowledge and concrete cases of good practice with which their business has become even more sustainable in the light of management and which have less impact on the environment and climate as well as a more positive influence on employees, customers and the wider society. In addition to examples provided by our members, we also look for other cases of good practice for these events, thus also enabling transfer of knowledge internationally. 


Good practices

Our international business delegations allow an insight into the most advanced international practices and solutions in the field of sustainable development and solutions, and the introduction and promotion of green technologies that respond to the current climate challenges. They are an excellent opportunity for integration and exchange of experience and represent an opportunity to meet with representatives of towns, companies and business communities. 

Danish delegationEnglish delegationFrench delegationDelegation of the United Arab Emirates


Competence centres

The CER is currently the lead partner of the Design Management Competence Centre, KCDM 3.0. In the past, it was a partner of the KoC INoVATIS competence centre. In both competence centres, there are 20 CER members involved, which have received grants for employee training.

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