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A green business hub for companies and organizations from various sectors,

who are striving to develop and introduce sustainable business practices to achieve a positive impact on the environment and the society. Through cooperation, exchange of knowledge and advocating sustainable policies, we aspire to contribute our bit to environmental, climate and social challenges. We are the voice of the economy that believes in rising the ambitions to reach the climate goals.

If you have a vision of designing a more sustainable and fair economy and if you believe sustainable business is the only way forward, we invite you to join us today.

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Membership advantages

Cocreation of initiatives, changes for a faster transition to a climate-neutral economy.
Acquisition of knowledge and strengthening of green competences through various training events.
Participation at exclusive events with the policymakers and business managers.
Help on the path to sustainable transformation and the opportunity to be included in various EU projects.
Networking with potential partners from various sectors and experts in the field of sustainability.
Promotion of your good practices and green solutions for better visibility of your company.
Access to the latest information on EU and local legislation, tenders and subsidies.

Inclusion in international projects, access to international information and good practices.



Membership categories

A membership category is defined with regard to the status and size of the company or organisation.
It is set out in the annual decision of the Management Board.



Annual turnover of more than
EUR 5 million.

Membership 1,800 EUR.
One-time members fee 1.000 EUR.



Annual turnover of less than
EUR 5 million.

Membership 600 EUR.
One-time members fee 500 EUR.


Non-profit organisations.

Membership 300 EUR.
One-time members fee 100 EUR.


Opinions of our members

with whom we are writing green stories.

  • With CER and our business partners, we are constantly searching for and developing new solutions in the field of sustainable development. We encourage and promote good sustainable practices that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and bring a better future for the environment. We see CER membership as an exceptional opportunity to share experiences, knowledge, and innovative approaches to identify new opportunities for a sustainable future.
    Miha Mermal, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer, BTC d.d.
  • As a society, we are facing many environmental and sustainability challenges. If we want to successfully address them and contribute to active changes, we need to be connected and decisive. CER is the only association in Slovenia that covers a broad spectrum of sustainable activities. Therefore, the effects are not just aggregated but rather multiplied. And this is what makes CER unique and brings exceptional results.
    Marko Lukić, CEO and Owner, Lumar IG d.o.o.
  • ELES has developed a sustainable strategy up to 2050, where we balance the objectives of the company's essential capital development and prepare the company to respond to changes in the social, business, and natural environment. We see CER Sustainable Business Network as a promotor of green technologies, green innovations, and circular economy in Slovenia and beyond. This is why ELES decided years ago to become an active member of CER.
    Jana Babnik Gomišček PhD, Advisor to CEO, Eles d.o.o.
  • Over the years of its existence, CER has truly established itself as a beacon for energy efficiency, and more recently, as an advocate of a comprehensive approach to sustainability. Through its activities, it has a positive impact on legislators, politicians, companies, and end users.
    Saša Bavec, Managing Director Systems Division, Knauf Insulation
  • CER has undoubtedly become the central driver of the green transition in Slovenia. It unites the most advanced Slovenian companies with research and academic spheres. The knowledge and experience of its members and its professional team make CER the key interlocutor for decision-makers on the national and local levels and enables the organization to join the discussion on all relevant social topics. Because of CER's active role in the green transformation, I do not worry about the future of Slovenia, despite many hurdles that still need to be overcome.
    Slavko Ažman, Head of Business Management, Porsche Slovenija
  • CER is an association of Slovenian companies that invest the most in sustainable development and the green transition. CER enables its members to speak unanimously to decision-makers and search for the best solutions and policies that could make Slovenia one of the most aware and advanced countries in circular economy and in the fight against climate change.
    Bojan Stojanović, EU Project Manager, Petrol
  • Decarbonization of the economy, energy efficiency and the transition to renewable energy sources can only be achieved through integration, cooperation, and strong partnerships. CER in particular is an excellent platform for companies from different sectors to combine knowledge and experience and, thus, develop sustainable business models. The NLB bank, which is also the first financial institution to become a CER member, strongly supports sustainable development and will therefore continue to cooperate with CER Sustainable Business Network in paving the right way for the future.
    Andrej Lasič, Member of the Management Board, NLB d.d.
  • Today, after a 12-year journey, CER Partnership as a sustainable business association represents the first and the most prominent advocate and promoter of the green economy and the opportunities that investments in the green transition bring to our society and economy.
    Gregor Benčina, President at EBS Group

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