31.05.2022    |    other
SmartMOVE: Smart Solutions for Sustainable Mobility
19.01.2022    |    other
GREEN STAR - the first recognition and a tool for the green business transformation
17.01.2022    |    other
CER will operate with a new Institute Board from February onwards
03.11.2021    |    Green Solutions
16.09.2021    |    other
Campaign for to decarbonize the economy in Slovenia and achieve the goals of the green deal.
16.07.2021    |    other
CER on the international event Presentation of the Fit for 55 package - perspectives and further steps
As members of European Sustainable Business Network Europe, which operates under the  Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) & CLG Europe, we were participating at the high level webinar on the topic of the package "Fit for 55" and...
15.07.2021    |    other
Successful event of the first presentation of the "Ready for 55" climate and energy package
Today we listened to the presentation of the "Fit for 55" package published yesterday. Representatives of the EU and national decision-makers, financial institutions, creators of the business landscape and the future presented their views on what...
09.07.2021    |    other
Event: Unpacking the Fit for 55 Package: perspectives and next steps, 16 July 2021
Ana Struna Bregar, CEO CER among speakers at the CLG event.
09.07.2021    |    Green solutions
Course Sustainable Business Transformation Manager
September 2021
01.07.2021    |    other
CER among signatories - Business letter on the upcoming EU Fit for 55% Package
Two weeks before the EU announces its updated 2030 emissions reduction legislation, the ‘Fit for 55 package’ businesses and European & global business networks, are urging EU leaders to deliver the action needed to support global efforts to keep...
01.07.2021    |    Green solutions
Free program Pioneer into Practice
Empowering participants through system innovation thinking.
15.09.2020    |    other
CER among the signatories calling on EU governments to increase their climate ambitions
CEOs from over 150 businesses, investors  and business and investor networksare calling on EU policymakers to support an EU 2030 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction target of at least 55 per cent. Among the signatories are also five...
26.05.2020    |    other
Online Short Course with Certificate - Sustainable Business Transformation Manager
29.04.2020    |    other
CER has set up a national alliance for green recovery
CER calls economic and financial leaders and other stakeholders to form a national alliance for a green, smart and technologically advanced Slovenia
29.04.2020    |    other
CER is part of the European Campaign for Green Recovery
We are glad to be part of the European alliance for a Green Recovery.
20.03.2020    |    other
About CER - new year book 2019
12.03.2020    |    Opinion
Sustainable Business Transformation - The New Management Paradigm!
05.09.2019    |    other
Pitch your Green Idea! - Awards for the startups
The panel "Pitch your Green Idea" on Bled Strategic Forum - presentation of green startups, was organized in partnership with Center of Energy Efficient Solutions, EIT InnoEnergy, and ABC Accelerator.
03.09.2019    |    other
The signing of the agreement
Center for Energy Efficient solution (CER) and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (PA2F) signd a Memorandum of Understanding during the Bled Strategic Forum in September 2019.
03.09.2019    |    other
14. Bled Strategic Forum - Climate-neutral smart economy - Greentech
CER participated as an institutional partner this year in the business part of the Bled Strategic Forum. The focus was on finding green solutions for the economy and society, as part of two panels entitled "Climate-neutral smart economy - Greentech"...
28.08.2019    |    other
Business Bled Strategic Forum 2019 - CER panels
CER is a proud institutional partner of Bled Strategic Forum - BSF Business with two panels "Climate-neutral smart economy - Greentech" and "Present your green...
03.05.2019    |    other
Business leaders urge EU heads of state to signal new economic direction towards net zero by 2050
April 30 2019 – On the eve of the Future of Europe Summit, CEOs from more than 50 businesses, investors and business networks, including Unilever, IKEA and DSM, are calling on the EU to endorse a long-term decarbonisation strategy to achieve...
02.04.2019    |    Mobility, Green Solutions
New website of the concept of integral development of infrastructure for mass charging of e-vehicles E8
The E8 concept, developed by Eles' experts in recent years, has now also got its own website -
11.03.2019    |    other
GreenTech Innovation - Video member's statments
Green, environmentally friendly technologies are an exceptional opportunity for Slovenia in all sectors.
10.03.2019    |    other
CER 2018 Yearbook
We published CER 2018 yearbook, which represents our mission, vision and activities. It also shows the green solutions of CER members. You are welcome to read it!
19.02.2019    |    other
GreenTech Innovation Breakfast / March 8th 2019
GreenTech Innovation Breakfast / 8th March 2019, Hotel Union, Ljubljana
18.02.2019    |    other
Courts are the new front line in climate change action
BTC Mission: Green
BTC has been actively focusing on sustainable development for more than 15 years and EUR 52.5 million has been earmarked for environmentally and socially responsible projects.
17.02.2019    |    Green solutions, mobility
E8 - Concept of integral development of infrastructure for mass charging of electric vehicles, ELES d.o.o.
At ELES d.o.o., they aware that realizing their vision of a long-term, mass transition to sustainable e-mobility is not possible without the close cooperation of key stakeholders – from car manufacturers, producers of smart charging stations,...
Petrol, a partner of a sustainable future
In order to achieve the strategic goals of sustainable development, the Petrol Group will employ 470 experts in the field of energy and the environment in its organization by 2020. In order to achieve these goals, we will invest over EUR 200...
17.02.2019    |    Green solutions, mobility
The widest range of electric vehicles for urban mobility Renault
The Renault Group does not focus solely on vehicle development, but actively participates in the whole chain of creators in modern mobility and renewable energy sources.

17.02.2019    |    Green solutions, energy
Incentives of the Eco Fund for Enterprises
Financial incentives for investments in efficient use and renewable sources of energy are available to businesses, in the form of grants and loans with a subsidized interest rate allocated under the "de minimis rule”
16.02.2019    |    Green solutions, construction
BIMolution – (r)evolution in architecture and construction
16.02.2019    |    Green solutions, construction
First certified sustainable building in Slovenia
Knauf Insulation from Škofja Loka has recently opened a new demonstration and training centre for practical and theoretical educational processes, as part of its business and production facilities, for various stakeholders in...
16.02.2019    |    Green solutions, construction
Zero-emission Living
This year, Lumar are celebrating 25 years of the Lumar family business. Already at an early stage, they focused on the development of energy solutions and concepts that offer exceptional energy efficiency and high living comfort and dictate trends in...
16.02.2019    |    Green solutions, energy
TANGO - Energy management solutions
The Tango is an innovative platform which represent a result of Petrol's technological know-how and SmartIS's mastering of state-of-the-art information technologies. It is based on large data technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), the economy of...
16.02.2019    |    Green solutions, mobilnost
Electric cars sharing network
16.02.2019    |    Green solutions, construction
Comprehensive systems for heating, cooling, air conditioning and ventilation
When a buyer chooses to buy a heat pump, whether it is intended for heating domestic or mere sanitary water, in addition to choosing the appropriate parameters that determine quality, attention must also be paid to a few other factors - the choice of...
16.02.2019    |    Green solutions, construction
Natural light is a medicine and a stimulant
Daylight could be compared with pharmaceutical products in terms of efficiency. It has similar effects as medicines and stimulants, e.g. coffee, alcohol, even marijuana ... For human health, natural light is of vital importance and can not be...
16.02.2019    |    Green solutions, construction
e4 – nearly zero-energy building of the future
For an investor, the concept of the brick e4 house has many advantages - above all the optimal costs throughout the entire lifetime of the building and a high level of living quality. 
16.02.2019    |    Green solutions, mobility
Pleasure in driving that is electrifying: Audi E-TRON
Audi e-tron is the first fully electrically powered series production model from the brand with the four rings. The company presented its sporty and functionally designed premium SUV to the global public for the first time in September...
16.02.2019    |    Green solutions, mobility
Mobility of the future is already available today
11.10.2018    |    other
Business Delegation to Denmark
In September we organized a successful educational - business delegation to Denmark in partnership with State of Green Denmark. We got great introduction and ideas for transition to sustainable, lowcarbon economy in different...
28.05.2018    |    other
Level(s) - European Union Building sustainability performance
The European Commission has launched ‘Level(s)’, a new open source assessment framework aimed at improving sustainability and driving demand for better buildings
01.05.2018    |    green solutions
European Parliment backs national CO2 cuts and forestry plans to meet Paris climate targets
CO2 emitted by transport, farming, buildings and waste must be cut by 30% across the EU; CO2 emitted and absorbed by forestry and land use must balance out, by 2030.
29.03.2018    |    green solutions, construction
Jelovica wooden prefabricated houses - the only Slovenian PEFC certified producer
The Jelovica Group is the leading Slovenian producer of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly houses, windows and doors present in 23 countries around the globe....